Our Vision

Inspire to innovate.


We focus on providing sustainable solutions to educate and empower a strong community.

The Somero Project believes education is vital to a thriving society. Empowering youths to make informed decisions and become leaders of the community. Through donations and sponsorships, we run the Evergreen Primary School in Kotolo, Uganda; providing education to more than 300 students, ages 4 through 14.



Our goal for Somero has always been–to provide an all-inclusive educational environment for our students, while working towards our long-term goal of the school becoming self-sustaining. In order for a community and society to thrive, access to a quality education becomes vital. We want our students to grow up feeling empowered as the future decision-makers of their country. 


Becky Conover
President & Co-founder, The Somero Project

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