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Board of Directors

The Somero Project is fortunate to be run by a fantastic Board of Directors all of which are 100% unpaid volunteers whom are actively involved in our sponsorship program and share a passion for our cause.


Becky Conover | President

Our President, Becky Conover, co-founded The Somero Project with her father in 2008 after graduating from Ferndale High School. She has traveled to Uganda five times, the most recent being in October 2015.

Becky found a passion for helping underprivileged children when her family started to sponsor two boys during her childhood. She later organized a fundraiser for the Uganda Orphan Choir and chose her first job at a preschool while attending college.  Becky graduated from Western Washington University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, concentrating on Management. Today, she is working at Wells Fargo while continuing to bring great passion and drive to our organization. The Somero Project has successfully expanded and met many goals since she’s become President.

Kevin Miles | Vice President

Our Vice-President, Kevin Miles, has been involved with The Somero Project since 2013 after making a trip to Uganda as a volunteer for the annual school visit and has been involved with our Student Sponsorship Program ever since.

Kevin grew up in Connecticut, attended college in the Midwest, and then lived in Phoenix, AZ for two years before finding his way to Bellingham, WA and beginning his career as a Flight Attendant for Allegiant Air.

Kevin has always had a passion for experiencing new cultures and has had the opportunity to do extensive traveling, visiting numerous places around the world. Working with a non-profit organization in a developing nation has also been a goal of his. He could not pass up an opportunity to be a part of our organization on a deeper level. Kevin looks forward to being involved with The Somero Project for many years to come, and we are so lucky to have him on board with us.

Kristen Bergerson | Treasurer

Kristen Bergerson joined the Board of Directors as our Treasurer in late 2013. She made her first trip to Uganda, visiting our Evergreen Primary School in Kotolo, on a volunteer trip in October 2013. Deeply touched by the community and our mission, she quickly offered us her help.

Kristen has lived in Bellingham, WA for 15 years and is the mother of one, Dante. Today, Kristen works at Wells Fargo and as a Real Estate Assistant; she brings four years of past bookkeeping experience to The Somero Project.

Andrea farred | secretary

Andrea Farred was born in South Africa, where she spent her early childhood before moving to the U.S. with her mother. Growing up in an impoverished nation fueled her desire to help the underprivileged, and when an opportunity arose to join The Somero Project, she jumped in full-throttle.

In 2012, Andrea graduated from Western Washington University with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, focusing on International Relations, and Spanish. During college, she spent 5 months living in Spain and later visited South America and took several more trips to Europe and Africa. Today, Andrea works at Wells Fargo but has dreams of one day working for a non-governmental organization. She heads our FaceBook fan page and her expertise in social inequality and international affairs has proven to be invaluable to our organization and cause.

sausha knott | director of marketing

Our Marketing Director, Sausha Knott, is the newest addition to the Board of Directors. Sausha was introduced to The Somero Project by President and Co-Founder Becky Conover, while they became good friends in college.

Sausha, Canadian born, was mostly raised in Washington state; where she transferred from Whatcom Community College to Seattle University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing. She went on to complete her Master’s of Fine Arts with the Academy of Art University. Sausha has a passion for creating visually inspiring messages, while keeping in mind the business goals of an organization. She currently works for Nordstrom, but hopes to consult in Art Direction for non-profit’s and businesses that work for a greater good.